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To:                   So. Cal. Criminal Defense Attorneys


From:              Ronald S. Walters Bail Bonds


Re:                  California 7% preferred rate filing


Date:               February 3, 2014




Bankers Insurance Company has received approval from the Department of Insurance for the following:


STATE:                         California                                         

PROGRAM:                  Bail Bonds

EFFECTIVE DATE:       November 27, 2013




Breaking Bad Bail Bonds through Bankers Insurance Company and the Department of Insurance  has been approved to offer a 7% preferred rate to bail bond customers.  The preferred rate requires both the full remittance of the bail bond premium and referral from a licensed attorney.


Please be advised that the 8% preferred rate is still available to those customers that are unable to pay the full bail premium up front.  Should you have any questions with regards to the terms of the 7% or 8% preferred rate filing please feel free to contact Bail Agent Ron Walters, BA#1B41341 or Bail Agent Selby Jessup, BA#184532 at (888) 467-2245.